Monday, December 27, 2010

10 New Year’s Eve Wedding Favor Ideas

Blow Horns and Party Hats Write your names and wedding date on the party hats and give out blow horns, etc. in a small gift bag.

Champagne Give your guests small bottles of champagne with personalized labels.

Hershey Kisses Wrap several silver foiled Hershey Kisses in gold or silver netting. Tie with a silver/gold or black bow.

Festive Mini Candy Jar Start with a baby food jar or other small jar. Paint the top in silver or gold acrylic paints. Attach a personalized label to the jar with your names and wedding date. Spread glue over the cover and the jar and roll in gold and/or silver glitter (don't cover over the label). Fill with colorful mints or candies. Tie a silver ribbon and bow around neck of bottle.

Personalized Calendar There's a lot of software that can help you create personalized calendars for the new year. If you don't wish to do this on your own, pick out some really nice photos (either personal photos, landscape scenes, etc.) and take it to a local copy shop to print for you.

Fortune Cookies See what the New Year has in store for your wedding guess. Wrap fortune cookie favors in netting or place in small, decorated favor bags/boxes for each guest.

Fortune Bubble Ornaments Another fortune idea is to purchase plastic, see-through round ornaments (at craft stores). Separate the bubble, place a rolled up fortune scroll in each ornament. Add some curled ribbon and put the two halves back together. Attach a ribbon to hang the ornaments. For an added touch and a centerpiece for your tables, put silver painted tree branches (secured in decorated pots) on each table and hang the ornaments from the tree.

Past Year CD Pick several of your favorite or number 1 chart songs from the past year and burn them on CD to give as favors. Label it "The Best of 2003" or "Our Favorites of 2003".

Glow-in-the-Dark Items Glow in the dark items are very popular now at New Year's. Give you guests any type of glow in the dark item such as stars, cups, necklaces, fiber optic wands, fun eye glasses, etc.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Colonial Inn in Norwood, NJ

Your wedding iwll be even more memorable when it is held at the new Colonial Inn. Our traditional styled chandeliers lend an atmosphere of elegance to your affair. The banquet staff is prepared to anticipate your evey need. Their attention to detail will assure you that your affair will be flawless. From the moment your guests arrive for the elegant cocktail hour, through your exquisitely prepared meal of either classic or international cuisine, they assure you your wedding will be "an affair to remember."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Midtown Loft & Terrace in NYC

If you are looking for a space with the perfect ambience to hold an unforgettable ceremony and wedding reception, we can find the right fit for you. We suggest that you have your ceremony on the Midtown Terrace featuring fantastic Manhattan panoramas, and your reception in our immaculate and elegantMidtown Loft. Our knowledgeable staff can take care of your catering and decor needs to make your wedding a lasting impression

Midtown Terrace (3,400 square ft), our largely open-air terrace can accommodate up to 200 people. The perfect party venue for use in any season. If your guests need to relax, they can use the outdoor cigar lounge to enjoy the views.

The landscaped, wrap-around terrace provides a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline, featuring fantastic panoramas that include the Empire State Building and the majestic Marble Collegiate Church. The carved white stone railing that surrounds the terrace adds a subtle hint of classic elegance to the scene. Beginning in November 2010, Midtown Terrace will feature a retractable glass enclosure, allowing outside events and entertaining year round.

Also part of the terrace is the upscale interior space that features mahogany wood floors, copper windows, antique copper light fixtures and a magnificent working fireplace. It’s ideal for drinks and conversation and adds an entirely new dimension to the Midtown Terrace experience. In a city that prides itself on spectacle, Midtown Terrace is a truly unique, tasteful and spectacular event space.

Beginning 2011, the Terrace will feature a retractable glass enclosure, allowing events and entertaining year round.

Midtown Loft (5,000 square ft), our premiere indoor event space, accommodates up to 300 people for cocktails and comfortably seats 180 for formal dinners. Windows on four sides of the space offer dramatic city views while allowing in natural sunlight to bring out the full warmth of the polished oak wood floors. With tall ceilings, marble bathrooms, central air, adjustable spot lighting and a fully equipped kitchen, Midtown Loft is both striking and functional, providing an upbeat milieu that complements its location on the world’s most famous avenue.

From weddings, private celebrations, to product launches, fashion shows, fundraisers and trade shows – the loft space can accommodate them all. Various setup options are available, from small intimate receptions to large cocktails parties of up to 300 people.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Golf Theme Wedding Ideas

Location: The perfect location for a golf-theme wedding and reception is a golf course or country club. The existing décor already sets the stage for your celebration. Remember to have a solid back up plan if you are planning to hold the ceremony and/or reception outside on an actual golf course.

Announcements/Invitations: Announce your engagement on cards that look like flags on a golf green! If you are planning a formal wedding, use an elegant invitations that have been printed on card stock that has a pattern similar to the indentations of a golf ball. Use a sheet of vellum paper to soften the look. To continue the theme, glue tiny “golf balls” (pearls) to the top of the invitation. The couple heading out for a day on the links will surely let your guests know how much fun is in store for them on your wedding day!

Colors: The color scheme should be white and green with subtle splashes of yellow and red. Think late spring or summer day at the golf course!

Ladies’ Attire: Your dress should be a simple summery dress. Consider a halter style or sleeveless dress with a detachable train. Pearl beading on your dress and a pearl encrusted tiara will go a long way toward reinforcing the golf ball theme! If your wedding is to be a casual affair, consider having golf attire made out of lace and satin. Attach veiling to a matching golf visor! Your bridesmaids should be dressed in a style that is similar to the bride. Consider green or yellow for their dresses or golf attire! Have them wear pearls as their jewelry to provide continuity to the theme.

Men’s Attire: Your groom will look very handsome in either a sports coat with a fun golf-themed tie or in traditional golf attire. Set him apart from the rest of the men in the wedding party by having him wear a different color tie or shirt. Again, the groomsmen and ushers should be dressed to complement the groom. If the wedding is casual, set the groom apart by honoring him with a golf cap that lets the world know that this is his big day!

Flower Girl’s Attire: Dress the flower girl in a simple summer dress, either in white or yellow. Have her carry a basket that has a large pearl (golf ball) as the focal point of the décor. An option to having her scatter loose flower petals might be to attach flower blossoms to golf tees and have her drop these on either side of the aisle.

Ring Bearer’s Attire: Dress the ring bearer in the style of a caddy—complete with knickers, sleeveless sweater vest, long sleeve shirt and argyle socks! Decorate the ring pillow with plastic white golf balls or golf charms. Another option might be to decorate the pillow with a golf flag and have the rings carried in on the flagpole.

Rehearsal Dinner: Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, hold a golf tournament the day before the wedding. Gather for a picnic at the end of the day to present the awards (attendants’ gifts) and for toasts to the bride and groom. Don’t forget the flower girl and ring bearer and all their hard work in making this a very special day!

Flowers/Decorations: Pew bows could have small round white flower balls attached to them or use golf flags on each pew. The bridal bouquet should be all white to resemble a golf ball. Accent the bouquets with stephanotis, gardenia, camellia, and orchids. The arrangements at the ceremony and reception site should be informal, as befitting a golf club.

Ceremony Accessories: Use indoor/outdoor grass/carpeting as an isle runner. Keep a supply of mini-pencils handy for your guests to send you their best wishes in your guest book. Attach tees to your unity candle to complement the links feel as you seal your wedding vows for now and for always. However, if your wedding is actually taking place on a golf course, consider sealing your vows with a shot for the hole together!

Transportation: Use “Just Married” decorations for the golf carts that will carry you and your wedding party from the ceremony site to the reception.

Reception Ideas: The 19th Hole of your favorite golf club is the ideal location for a golf themed wedding reception. The décor is already in place, and the room needs only a few added touches to create a festive atmosphere. Decorate the food table with an ice sculpture that is in the shape of a golf bag. Display food trays on top of different shaped green placemats to simulate different greens. Use white chocolate golf balls to hold up the tiers of the wedding cake. Decorate the groom’s cake like a golf green with a bridal couple taking a shot at the hole! Use golf tees to hold place cards in place on the tables. Consider using scorecards as place cards! Simply write only one name per card! Have guests capture the spirit of the day with these sparkling cameras!

Wedding Favors: Have golf balls personalized and present them in these great holders to your guests as a token of your appreciation. Any golfer would appreciate this bottle opener to have on warm days on the links.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Part I

The tea ceremony is the most significant event in a modern Chinese Wedding as the traditional three prayers ceremony is usually not practiced.
The bride is formally introduced to the groom's family through the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. It will usually take place on the wedding day when most of the family members are present.
If some members are not available, supplementary sessions can be conducted at the wedding dinner or at other convenient times and locations.

When will you serve tea?

The tea ceremony for the groom's side is usually in the morning once the couple has settled down a bit in the bridal home.
Traditionally teochew bride is fetched to the groom's home before daylight. If it is really too early and the groom's relatives have not arrived for the tea ceremony, the couple can have a short rest or an outdoor photo-session while waiting.
Tea ceremony for the relatives on the bride's side is usually held in the afternoon when the couple complete the "bride's home visit."
In some family, the bride (and some will choose to do so together with the groom) may serve her parents tea in the morning before she is married. When she returns for the bride's home visit, she is already a married woman.

Order of service, grandparents or parents first?

The order of service is usually:

  • parents,
  • grandparents,
  • grand-uncles and grand-aunties,
  • uncles and aunties,
  • elder brothers and sisters,
  • elder cousins

However, there are also families that prefer to serve the grandparents tea before the parents.

Within each generation, dad's relatives are served before mom's relatives.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How many Bridesmaids is TOO MANY?

There is one obvious answer. If the altar only fits a handful of people, you'll have to limit your number of bridesmaids! But, seriously, the first rule in determining how many bridesmaids is right for you is to coordinate the size of your wedding party with the size of the venue where your wedding is to take place. Although it may be difficult to choose five bridesmaids from among fifty of your best friends, you must if you're having an intimate wedding. And there are plenty of other great honors that you can hand out to close friends who want to participate in the wedding (e.g., they can help coordinate any other wedding-related activities, or they could write a special song or toast for the reception, etc.).

A good second rule is to consider the formality of the wedding. In general, formal weddings have a half dozen or more bridesmaids in addition to the maid of honor (it could be as many as a dozen, but that is very rare). Semiformal and casual weddings can have just one bridesmaid - the maid of honor - but typically have about three to five. And don't worry if the groom has more ushers than you have bridesmaids: Ushers can always double up in the recessional. Of course, the final decision rests with you, the bride, but remember that the larger the number, the more difficult it may be for you to manage. And remember that the bridesmaids will all have to work together on many aspects of planning, so addressing any conflicts up front will avoid problems down the line. So the more the merrier? or too many cooks spoil the broth? you'll have to decide!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffee Wedding Favor

Coffee Wedding Favor

The coffee wedding favor is gaining in popularity. This can be due in part to the availability of flavored or gourmet coffee, or because of the many ideas available. If you’re looking for wedding favor ideas, you might consider a coffee wedding favor.

Coffee Wedding Favor Ideas
Coffee Mugs – The great thing about coffee mugs is they come in different styles, ranging from cozy to elegant. They can also be imprinted to commemorate the special day, or even with the Happy Couple’s picture. A bag of
gourmet coffee can be placed inside, and the whole package wrapped in tulle or colored cellophane. The nicest thing about this gift is that your guests will still have the mug as a reminder long after the coffee is gone.

Bags of Gourmet Coffee – Bags of gourmet of flavored coffee can be imprinted with the Happy Couple’s details and wrapped in decorative packaging. There are many personalized blends and roasts available to choose from.

Coffee Tins – Instead of giving out bags of coffee, your wedding guests can receive their coffee in decorative tins. These, of course, last longer and can be used again.

Accessories – In addition to mugs or coffee, guests can received chocolate dipped spoons or coffee stirrers and sticks. These add additional flavor to an already delicious cup of coffee. Heart shaped coffee scoops make a romantic, and whimsical addition to any coffee wedding favor package.

The cost of a coffee wedding favor can vary depending on the packaging and the blend of coffee. Upscale blends and roasts will cost more than a generic blend. If accessories are added to the package, the cost of the favor will increase substantially. Many packages of wedding coffee can run from $1.50 to $5.00 per personalized 10 cup package.
If the coffee is packed in tins instead of foil packaging, it will be more expensive. Most tins start at about $3.00.
Packages of flavored stir sticks and dipped spoons are available in packages of 20 or 30 for $5 to $10 each. In many cases, you’re responsible for individually wrapping each spoon or stick.
Coffee mugs start at about $2 to $3, but the price will go up depending on your needs and the style. A basic ceramic mug will cost less money. Glass, china or hand painted mugs will cost more.
Keep in mind, you will have to make a minimum purchase for each coffee wedding favor package to receive certain discounts. If you only order one or two of each favor, you’re destined to pay full price. The more coffee wedding favors you purchase, the greater your discount will be.

Where to Find
Isn’t technology grand? Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of places at which a couple can purchase coffee wedding favors.
Brides Village offers 28 label designs to choose from. Each coffee wedding favor comes in a foil package with enough coffee to brew 8 to 10 cups.
Favors by Serendipity offers a wide assortment of coffee wedding favors. Favors range in price from .99 cents to $4.00.
Weddings by Design not only offers coffee and tea wedding favors, but also some very cool accessories as well Stir sticks, imprinted sugar cubes, coffee tins and more can be found here.
The Rosemary Company offers elegantly packaged coffee with a demitasse spoon or heart shaped scoop attached.
Wedding Favors, Etc. Offers coffees, teas, chocolates, mugs and accessories all at affordable prices.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

  • Book one location for your ceremony and reception to avoid multiple site fees and having to provide transportation between venues.
  • Cut out the champagne and let guests toast with whatever drink is in their hand.
  • If you're a stickler for tradition and can't live without a wedding cake, choose buttercream or cream cheese instead of expensive fondant.
  • To save on flowers, use lush greenery in your centerpieces.
  • Buy in-season flowers wholesale and then pay a florist to do simple arrangements (or you're crafty, then you could DIY!).
  • Hire a student quartet from a local music school to play during cocktail hour or during your ceremony.
  • Instead of paying extra for your invitations to arrive assembled, gather friends and set up an assembly line.
  • If a photographer whose work you love is out of budget, ask if you can wait until after the wedding to order proofs and albums. Save up, or use some of your gift money later.
  • If fancy wheels are a must have for you, a limousine will be cheaper than a stretch SUV. And if you don't mind taking your own ride you could hire a private chauffeur to drive your car, which would be much cheaper than hiring a limo.
  • Do you have a relative who never puts his video camera away at family occasions? See if a professional videographer will edit amateur footage — it will cost a fraction of the price for having the professional shoot the wedding.
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  • Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Types of Bridal Veils

    Veils are commonly worn by women on their
    wedding day and hold a sentimental meaning to many women. Originally worn to keep the groom from seeing her face before they were married, veils continue to be a noticeable feature in many weddings. Some women choose to wear a veil simply for fashion purposes. Veils come in a variety of styles, shapes and lengths. If you are thinking about wearing a veil on your wedding day, the style you wear is highly dependent on the style and formality of your gown.

    Blusher Veil
    Blusher veils are very short in length and made with only one layer of material. This style of veil is used to cover the face prior to the ceremony, and falls just below the chin. It can be worn with virtually any style of dress.

    Chapel Veil
    The chapel style is considered a formal type of veil and is made from two layers of material. The first layer extends 2 1/2 yards from the headpiece and is used to cover the face during the ceremony. The second layer extends to the floor and is worn behind the head at all times. The chapel veil is appropriate to wear with a formal gown that is floor-length.

    Cathedral Veil
    Similar to the chapel veil, the cathedral veil is made up of two layers of material in two different lengths. The first layer is used to cover the face, and falls 3 1/2 yards from the head piece. The second layer of the cathedral veil extends to the floor. The cathedral veil is most appropriate if your gown is very formal and has a long train.

    Elbow Veil
    An elbow veil can be made from one or two layers of material, and extends to the bride's elbows. This style is appropriate with any dress longer than knee length.

    Fingertip Veil
    Like the elbow veil, a fingertip veil can be made from one or two layers of material. It extends to the bride's fingertips, and looks best with formal, floor-length gowns.

    Waltz Veil
    The waltz is another style of formal veil, and its length varies. The shortest a waltz veil should fall is the knees, and the longest is the floor. This veil is made from a single layer of material.

    Flyaway Veil
    The flyaway veil is less formal than cathedral, waltz and chapel veils, and is made from several layers of material. The veil is short and falls to the shoulder blades. The flyaway veil should be worn with simple gowns, floor-length or shorter with no train.

    Mantilla Veil
    Mantilla veils are circular-shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edges of the veil are covered with lace that frames the face. This style can be worn with any gown ankle-length or longer.

    Russian/ Fishnet Veil
    The Russian veil, sometimes called the fishnet veil, is a short veil usually attached to a decorative hairpiece. The veil falls asymmetrically across the face and is made from a single layer of material. The material usually has larger holes than traditional taffeta veils, and is sometimes made of fishnet material. Russian veils look best with short dresses, but can be worn with longer lengths up to floor-length


    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    A Fall Wedding in the Adirondacks

    This New York couple kept their fall wedding decor simple and completely nature-inspired. Their centerpieces were glass bowls full of water and river rocks topped with a green orchid and a floating candle, which paired nicely with their table names -- the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. They even made their own wine for favors, wrapping the bottles in green wine bags adorned with homemade key chains. The cake also got a natural touch with fall leaves and pine cones as extra embellishment.

    Photos by: Colette Bordeleau & Yves Lavoie