Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Summer Makeup Tips for Brides

To look your best on the most important day of your life, you want to make sure everything is perfect, including your makeup. Remember that while the guests will enjoy the entire occasion, you will be the one that has the spotlight. Therefore, you need to look magnificently beautiful. To accomplish this, you can do just a few things so you look natural and refreshed.


There are many types of foundation available liquid, cream, dual finished compact formulas and tinted moisturizer. Foundation should always match your skin tone exactly. Yellow-based foundations work best on most skin types, because they neutralize any pink or red undertones and result in a clearer complexion. Avoid pink-based foundations, which often end up looking too, well, pink on the skin.

- First if your skin is oily, clean it and use an oil free moisturizer. But if it’s too oily avoid the moisturizer and just dab a little eye lotion under your eye. If your skin is dry, moisturize it.

- After applying the moisturizer use a foundation, which is an anti-shine product.

- If you have any blemishes or spots on your skin use a spot concealer, which will stay longer. Use it under the eyes, around corners of your nose, and wherever you have blemishes.

- If your skin is oily apply an oil-free foundation.

- After you’ve applied your liquid foundation, use power with a small brush.

Eye Makeup

Eyes make up is very important to complete the look .For some women the eyes make up lasts for hours and some fades in minutes.

- Using a concealed brush, apply concealed all over your lid, from lash line to brow. If your lids are extra oily apply a mortifying product first, then put your concealer on top. Finish it of with a dusting powder.

- Since its summer time use neutral tones when it comes to eyeshadows. Stay away from creamy formulas.

- As for liners, liquid liner stays longer.

- Also you can take a cake liner and mix it with an eyeliner-sealing product. After applying the liner, just put some of the sealer on your liner brush, then re trace the line, which you have made earlier.

- Since its your wedding day, and in case tears of joy flow use waterproof mascara to be on the safe side.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bachelorette Party Invitations - Etiquette

When should the invitations go out?

The bachelorette party invitations should go out at least one to two months prior to the party. The rule of thumb is that if you are going out of town for the party, give the girls at least 2 months to prepare for the trip, especially if they have a significant other or kids. I have heard and have received bachelorette party invitations sometimes 3 months in advance, especially if it is in Vegas since the rooms sell out so fast.

If the party is in town, give the girls at least one month in advance to be told about the party. Girls may have children or big children (husbands/boyfriends) to make arrangements with to save the date.


Get the money up-front! Just because you are planning the party does not mean you have to pay for the bachelorette party, even the bachelorette party invitations, by yourself! Copy this page and show other girls who think that they don't need to chip in that THEY DO! You are doing your part in planning the party and each girl should chip in some money. It would be great to add up the possible expenses, including everyone paying for the bachelorette (who should not pay for anything). Give each girl the amount you need and state that they need to pay in advance or when they show up! There are so many occasions when girls may say "well I don't have the money", "I will pay you later", "I forgot my wallet but I promise to send it to you". Most likely you will not get money from them and so it is important so you can have a good time that you don't have to think about the money so get it up front!