Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How many Bridesmaids is TOO MANY?

There is one obvious answer. If the altar only fits a handful of people, you'll have to limit your number of bridesmaids! But, seriously, the first rule in determining how many bridesmaids is right for you is to coordinate the size of your wedding party with the size of the venue where your wedding is to take place. Although it may be difficult to choose five bridesmaids from among fifty of your best friends, you must if you're having an intimate wedding. And there are plenty of other great honors that you can hand out to close friends who want to participate in the wedding (e.g., they can help coordinate any other wedding-related activities, or they could write a special song or toast for the reception, etc.).

A good second rule is to consider the formality of the wedding. In general, formal weddings have a half dozen or more bridesmaids in addition to the maid of honor (it could be as many as a dozen, but that is very rare). Semiformal and casual weddings can have just one bridesmaid - the maid of honor - but typically have about three to five. And don't worry if the groom has more ushers than you have bridesmaids: Ushers can always double up in the recessional. Of course, the final decision rests with you, the bride, but remember that the larger the number, the more difficult it may be for you to manage. And remember that the bridesmaids will all have to work together on many aspects of planning, so addressing any conflicts up front will avoid problems down the line. So the more the merrier? or too many cooks spoil the broth? you'll have to decide!

source: http://www.dessy.com

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffee Wedding Favor

Coffee Wedding Favor

The coffee wedding favor is gaining in popularity. This can be due in part to the availability of flavored or gourmet coffee, or because of the many ideas available. If you’re looking for wedding favor ideas, you might consider a coffee wedding favor.

Coffee Wedding Favor Ideas
Coffee Mugs – The great thing about coffee mugs is they come in different styles, ranging from cozy to elegant. They can also be imprinted to commemorate the special day, or even with the Happy Couple’s picture. A bag of
gourmet coffee can be placed inside, and the whole package wrapped in tulle or colored cellophane. The nicest thing about this gift is that your guests will still have the mug as a reminder long after the coffee is gone.

Bags of Gourmet Coffee – Bags of gourmet of flavored coffee can be imprinted with the Happy Couple’s details and wrapped in decorative packaging. There are many personalized blends and roasts available to choose from.

Coffee Tins – Instead of giving out bags of coffee, your wedding guests can receive their coffee in decorative tins. These, of course, last longer and can be used again.

Accessories – In addition to mugs or coffee, guests can received chocolate dipped spoons or coffee stirrers and sticks. These add additional flavor to an already delicious cup of coffee. Heart shaped coffee scoops make a romantic, and whimsical addition to any coffee wedding favor package.

The cost of a coffee wedding favor can vary depending on the packaging and the blend of coffee. Upscale blends and roasts will cost more than a generic blend. If accessories are added to the package, the cost of the favor will increase substantially. Many packages of wedding coffee can run from $1.50 to $5.00 per personalized 10 cup package.
If the coffee is packed in tins instead of foil packaging, it will be more expensive. Most tins start at about $3.00.
Packages of flavored stir sticks and dipped spoons are available in packages of 20 or 30 for $5 to $10 each. In many cases, you’re responsible for individually wrapping each spoon or stick.
Coffee mugs start at about $2 to $3, but the price will go up depending on your needs and the style. A basic ceramic mug will cost less money. Glass, china or hand painted mugs will cost more.
Keep in mind, you will have to make a minimum purchase for each coffee wedding favor package to receive certain discounts. If you only order one or two of each favor, you’re destined to pay full price. The more coffee wedding favors you purchase, the greater your discount will be.

Where to Find
Isn’t technology grand? Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of places at which a couple can purchase coffee wedding favors.
Brides Village offers 28 label designs to choose from. Each coffee wedding favor comes in a foil package with enough coffee to brew 8 to 10 cups.
Favors by Serendipity offers a wide assortment of coffee wedding favors. Favors range in price from .99 cents to $4.00.
Weddings by Design not only offers coffee and tea wedding favors, but also some very cool accessories as well Stir sticks, imprinted sugar cubes, coffee tins and more can be found here.
The Rosemary Company offers elegantly packaged coffee with a demitasse spoon or heart shaped scoop attached.
Wedding Favors, Etc. Offers coffees, teas, chocolates, mugs and accessories all at affordable prices.

source: www.weddings.lovetoknow.com

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

  • Book one location for your ceremony and reception to avoid multiple site fees and having to provide transportation between venues.
  • Cut out the champagne and let guests toast with whatever drink is in their hand.
  • If you're a stickler for tradition and can't live without a wedding cake, choose buttercream or cream cheese instead of expensive fondant.
  • To save on flowers, use lush greenery in your centerpieces.
  • Buy in-season flowers wholesale and then pay a florist to do simple arrangements (or you're crafty, then you could DIY!).
  • Hire a student quartet from a local music school to play during cocktail hour or during your ceremony.
  • Instead of paying extra for your invitations to arrive assembled, gather friends and set up an assembly line.
  • If a photographer whose work you love is out of budget, ask if you can wait until after the wedding to order proofs and albums. Save up, or use some of your gift money later.
  • If fancy wheels are a must have for you, a limousine will be cheaper than a stretch SUV. And if you don't mind taking your own ride you could hire a private chauffeur to drive your car, which would be much cheaper than hiring a limo.
  • Do you have a relative who never puts his video camera away at family occasions? See if a professional videographer will edit amateur footage — it will cost a fraction of the price for having the professional shoot the wedding.
  • source: IDoSugar.com