Wednesday, November 19, 2008

winter wedding ideas

There is something magical and sophisticated about winter weddings: the sparkle of falling snow, the enchantment of the holiday lights and the cozy atmosphere that the cold winter months bring.

Winter Wedding Color Palette
Frosted colors like icy blue make a big impact in the winter season, as do metallics in shades of silver and gold and anything holiday-inspired, especially reds. Think Christmas and Hanukkah colors. Also consider winter whites, which have a slight tint of yellow that give them a creamier color, as opposed to the brighter, crisper color of summer white. Navy, eggplant and deep browns are also good choices.

Winter Wedding Flower Options
When you think of winter wedding flowers there are some immediate varieties that come to mind: roses in rich shades (also white roses can add an unexpected touch to your wedding flowers), calla lilies and sweet peas. Another seasonally appropriate choice is the stephanotis, which bares a resemblance to the snowflake. Think about interspersing crystal adornments into your bouquet for an added element of shimmer.

Winter Wedding Favors
Winter wedding favors can be unique, from mini bottles of champagne to personalized wedding ornaments engraved with the couple's names and date or personalized packets of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
Winter brides should fully embrace the season. Make the most of the surrounding holidays and the joyful spirit; play up the glitter of the snow, the lush evergreens and the warmth of celebrating your special day with family and friends.

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