Monday, December 8, 2008

plan a winter wedding

Step1-Pick your date and book your location, preferably indoors if you are in the north. Consider a beautiful, rustic lodge with large windows. Such a place will allow a nice view of the winter scenery. Many lodges also offer fireplaces, and that can add the ambiance of your wedding.

Step2-Choose colors that will match your bold winter decision. Winter colors may be metallics, such as blues and reds. Both of these colors look great when paired with silver and gold.

Step3-Go shopping to choose your wedding attire. There are lots of options for winter wedding attire. A long-sleeved wedding dress is a must for a winter affair. The groom can wear dressy boots that are insulated. A bride may want to make sure that she has a matching white coat for venturing outdoors on her special day.

Step4-Pick the food you want for your winter wedding. Soup, chili and stew is unconventional--yet delicious--wedding food. Dumplings, loafs and pies work well in the winter. Think of a grand holiday dinner. You could even theme your winter wedding food to match that of your Thanksgiving dinner.

Step5-Pick out a wedding cake. Beautiful snowflake decorations can adorn your cake, or the cake itself can be the shape of a snowflake. A cake decorator will be able to help you come up with a beautiful, winter wedding themed cake. Some brides who are gifted at baking choose to make their own. This gives you freedom of decorating, and you can rest assured that the cake will be delicious. Talented friends or family members that love to bake also often volunteer. Do what feels right for your own wedding.

Step6-Choose winter wedding flowers. This will be a challenging part of your planning. You will likely be given the choice of a mixed bouquet. Using a predominantly white flower scheme is popular, but you'll want some bold colors in the mix.

Step7-Decorate with snow, snowflakes and lots of white and metallics. Decorative snow can be bought at local craft stores. You can get white lights at almost any grocery store, mart or drug store during the winter months. Instead of using them as Christmas decorations, use the white lights as your wedding decorations. See the film "Father of the Bride" for a lovely way of doing just that! Use anything you want to make your winter wedding more glamorous and special to your own ideas of newly wedded bliss.

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