Thursday, February 5, 2009

tips on throwing a great bachelorette party

  • Arrange a designated driver, hire a limo, or call cabs. A DUI will ruin everything including the wedding.
  • Call ahead to wherever you are going to request a nice table or special treatment. Most bars and clubs know that bachelorette parties are good customers and will do something nice for your group or the bride.
  • Have a way to call attention to the bride. A bachelorette party veil, tiara or sash is a great choice. This is her big night, so all of the attention will make her feel special.
  • Purchase patterns on suggest that some peole want a clean party while other people want a filthy one. Rarely do the choices fall between the two. People want it either clean-clean or filthy-filthy. If the bride is pure, stay with a clean theme. If the bride isn't so pure, she'll probably get a kick out of being shocked.
  • Mail out bachelorette party invitations in advance. That way you can get on everyone's calendar and no one important will miss the festivities. Invitations also really set the theme and get people excited about attending.

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