Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Make centerpieces to decorate for a fall wedding reception

PUMPKIN & APPLES VASES: To make pumpkin & apple vases, simply find enough large vases for all of your tables. They can be big, tall vases or big round, short vases, with large openings at the top. Or they can be any other type of large vases that you would like. Simply fill these large vases with small, baby pumpkins and red and green apples for very simple and festive centerpieces.

CANDY CORN CANDLES: Get three small or medium sized, fall colored plates per table. Get three fall colored pillar candles that are different heights per table. Get 1 or 2 bags of candy corn per table. Place the three plates in a circle in the middle of the table. Then place a different height pillar candle in the center of each plate. Now add the candy corn around the candle to fill the rest of the plate. These are not only gorgeous, but they give your guests something to snack on! You could also use the candy corn as confetti on the tables.

PUMPKIN VASES: Buy enough pumpkins to set on one the middle of each table. Cut a 4 inch hole in the top to remove the stem. Gut the pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin with flowers that match your wedding colors for a beautiful centerpiece for each table.

GOLD OR SILVER LINING PUMPKINS: Paint small pumpkins gold or silver, whichever matches your wedding colors the best. Paint the entire thing including the stem. Then tie a fall ribbon around the stem when the pumpkin is dry. Place the pumpkins on a small platter surrounding it with candles or candy corn for an elegant center piece.

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Jina of JAC said...

I was a little hesitant about having a fall wedding because I hate the color combination orange and brown but the decor listed in this post makes me drool~ :) you guys are awesome!