Sunday, March 29, 2009

About Cruise Weddings

Cruise weddings are a way to get married on a ship or at an exciting port of call full of mystery and romance. A cruise wedding will give the wedding entourage a full-scaled wedding event that will be treasured for years to come.


Cruise weddings are gaining popularity because of the multiplicity of the event. A wedding can take place on the cruise ship, as the honeymoon can follow immediately. There are plenty of accommodations for the entire wedding party, as well as conference areas for private ceremonies and receptions.


A cruise ship wedding can be identified by a wedding party gathering around a bride and groom on a ship. Flowers, an altar and other wedding props may also be present. Wedding music and dancing can also accompany the scene of the cruise ship wedding and reception.


Cruise ship weddings are typically held at sea, although they can also be held at ports of call as long as they are performed on the cruise ship itself.


One type of wedding is the themed variety, such as a Disney cruise. The staff will wear character outfits or themed attire. There can be poolside weddings in which the ceremony is held across the pool on a platform or next to the pool. Weddings performed on a veranda deck on a cruise ship are the most popular. Weddings can also be performed at ports of call on the ocean front, with the cruise ship in the background. With family and friends at side, a cruise-ship wedding offers some of the most romantic choices.

Time Frame

The time frame for a cruise wedding has to take place within the seven to 10 days of the length of the cruise. If the cruise is being held at a port of call, time is of the essence to have the wedding performed while the cruise ship is being docked. Common among cruise weddings is for the actual ceremony to take place at one location on the cruise ship and the rest of the wedding, such as the reception, to be held poolside, in a conference room or outside on the veranda.


One needs to take into consideration that any type of traveling on a cruise ship will come with certain tribulations. Even if someone has never experienced motion sickness before, it can be subtly felt on a cruise ship, especially if the water is quite wavy and choppy. Food poisoning, although rare, can happen when eating out at ports of call or by spoilage. Packing plenty of stomach aids and pain relievers is a wise choice when traveling on a cruise ship, especially before a big event such as a wedding.


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