Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Make a Boutonniere for a Wedding

A boutonniere-- a flower or floral decoration worn by men—can add an elegant touch to any formal coat or jacket. Use the flower of your choice to complete this easy project, and look even more stunning to the ladies.

Choose a flower for your boutonniere. Whether you are making one or several, make sure that your florist will have your choice available on the desired date.

Choose a small to midsize flower for a boutonniere. Roses and carnations are flowers that are commonly used.

Inquire as to whether the florist can dye the flower to match a prom dress or wedding colors. This inquiry needs to be made days in advance.

Use greenery and baby's breath along with the flower. These items can be obtained from your florist or craft store.

Use an artificial flower for your boutonniere if fresh flowers are not available or for last-minute needs. Artificial flowers can also be kept as keepsakes without the need for special preservation methods.

Use scissors to cut the stem of the flower to a length of approximately 3 inches. If you cut off any leaves, save them to use as greenery. If you are using an artificial flower, cut the stem with wire cutters.

Create a "bed" for the flower with a small amount of baby's breath and greenery. The bed should not extend much beyond the top of the flower and should be visible from the sides. Place the baby's breath between the greenery and the flower.

Wrap all stems together completely with green floral tape.

Alternatively, leave the stem of the flower unwrapped. Affix the greenery and baby's breath with a small amount of florist wire. Keep the floral wire as close as possible to the point where the flower joins the stem. Add just enough floral tape to cover the wire and trim any loose stems from the baby's breath or greenery.

Tie a bow at the bottom of the boutonniere. Use 1/4-inch silk or satin ribbon in a color that coordinates with a prom dress or wedding colors. This ribbon can also be used to camouflage floral wire.

Keep the fresh flower boutonniere moist and cool until it is ready to be used.


Julia said...

I officially love you. I am low on money but wanted to get my boyfriend a boutonniere and I knew what I needed but i was trying to figure out how to bring it all together in the cheapest way possible but make it look really good. Thank you! You are a life savor.

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