Monday, September 15, 2008

giving a maid of honor speech?

LEAVE THEM LAUGHING: The best speeches are usually the funny ones ... the kind where everyone in the crowd is laughing, not just the bride. A great way to start out your speech is to tell a story or two about growing up together, and the amusing things that happened to you.

When it comes to this speech, a lot of maids like to wing it — not write anything down, and hope for the best. I think they often hope this will create a natural, spontaneous effect, but I'm not always sure that's the result. At any rate, on such a big day, it makes sense to put in the extra effort and write down a few prepared remarks.
We all know that most of us don't like to speak in front of other people. We tend to get nervous when we know we have to make a speech, and we procrastinate a little. Having a few prepared notes makes life a lot easier on that front as well.

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