Friday, September 12, 2008

processional and recessional

One of the grandest part of any wedding ceremony is when the bridal party makes its entrance. The air is full of anticipation, and the groom anxiously awaits his first glimpse of his bride in her wedding dress. But do you know what order your bridal party should walk in? And who escorts the mother of the bride?

Different types of wedding processionals

The order of wedding processionals follows a general pattern, but varies according to religious traditions.

For example, here is a Catholic wedding processional:
  1. The priest, groom, and best man enter through a side door and wait at the altar.
  2. The groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down in pairs, starting with the two who will stand farthest from the bride and groom, and ending with the best man and maid of honor.
  3. The ring bearer and/or flower girl
  4. The bride and her father, or other close family member.
  5. The bride walks on the left side. If the bride's escort is her father, he leads her to the front of the aisle, then takes his seat next to the bride's mother.

However, for a Jewish wedding processional, the order goes something like this:
  1. The Rabbi and/or cantor
  2. Grandparents of the bride, who are then seated in the first row
  3. Grandparents of the groom, who are then seated in the first row
  4. Groomsmen, walking in pairs
  5. Best man
  6. The groom, who is escorted by his parents.
  7. Bridesmaids
  8. Maid or Matron of Honor
  9. Ring bearer and/or flower girl
  10. The bride, escorted by her parents



Anonymous said...

wow! this has been very insighful. i'm an event planner in lagos, nigeria and i do have to admit i really didn't know which was the right order. but thanks.

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