Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Experience with the Marriage License hubby and I totally forgot about getting the marriage license, with running around getting all the final details checked, the license did not even cross our minds! lets just say Thank God that I remembered it two days before the wedding! If not, because of the 24 hours waiting period (meaning, that you must not get married within 24 hours) who knows what would have happened.

I had a intensive checklist, but how did I forget the most important item? Brides and Grooms, this should be on your top TOP to do list.

Some tips that might help out....

1) Go early! depending on the season your wedding is in....the wait is going to be long. I got married in June, so that was a busy season. We had to wait outside of the court (not even inside!) for almost 45 mins. I suggest to go maybe 15 mins before the court opens and just wait there, grab some coffee and breakfast, this can reduce the wait time.

2) $40 Fee ONLY in money order. The court does not accept anything else. Luckily there are plenty of stores around that has money order services.

3) DO NOT FORGET GOVERNMENT ID!!!! My hubby and I were good to go on this, but I saw lots of couples inside where one forgot to bring, sucks to come back!

4) There is a municipal parking lot right next to it. It's not really out in the open, so my hubby and I had to drive, and drive to find parking =( On the main road, there are only one hour meter parking....there is no parking around the residential areas....municipal parking lot is the way to go! You park and pay for whatever time you think you need.

5) Lastly, Don't forget to mail in the license after your wedding. Once again, my hubby and I forgot. It says on the license that it must be mailed in within 7 days of the wedding, we mailed it in 2 weeks after. But all was good, and we were issued the marriage certificate. phew~

I went to the court in Queens, NY...which is on Queens Blvd.

Hopefully this will help... DIY projects~

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